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SASHA MARTINENGO - South African Celeb

GARETH CLIFF - South African Celeb?

South African celebs - 5fm djs

Emmanuel Castis - South African Celeb

Emmanuel Castis is the ever suave club owner Cole Harris

Cole Harris (played by Emmanuel Castis)
Entertainer Cole co-owns the former press hangout, RTs, that's now been revamped and renamed... Coles. His half of the venue was a gift from his then lover, Abigail (Tino's mom). He also has a new mistress - Shakira (Abigail's stand in daughter). Cole will soon be in big legal and financial trouble after a botched attempt to scalp World Cup tickets.
Our singer will soon be forever in Shakira's debt - and clutches. He will also record his debut CD while his club collapses.       

Theo Landey - South African Celebs

Theo Landey is the really,really goodlooking Wayne Drew on Scandal!    

Wayne Drew (played by Theo Landey)
A former model (yes, he's that good looking), he is now the production manager for NZH. He lures newsroom staffers into regular escapades for which they end up carrying the can and he comes out clean. Cole and Wayne have themselves a Bromance on the boil as they connive to scalp World Cup tickets. The end result will leave him cold.
This impish ladies' man - who makes an impact on dragon lady Donna - will receive an additional new NZH title and portfolio.   

Louise Barnes - South African Celeb

Louise Barnes Donna Hardy - South African Celeb

Sexy,sly Donna has big plans for NZH but what dark secrets does she have?   

Donna Hardy (played by Louise Barnes)
Her sly strategy of "divide and conquer", to ensure her temporary position becomes permanent, is spot on. This cougar and Acting CEO of NZH, having assessed all key players' insecurities, is skillfully setting staff members and friends against each other. Plus, her shakeup of the company - including the belated introduction of New Media access - is causing friction and fear for some. She's on the hunt for huge headline exclusives and massive sales. Don't get in her way.
Donna has a sordid secret past. When will it be revealed?    

Lorcia Cooper - South African celeb

Gorgeous Lorcia Cooper plays award winning designer Erin Davids

An award-winning brash fashion designer who owns her own clothes label, Posh, she is also Tino's lover. Her mom is Gauteng's Director General of Communications, MP Fiona Davids (guest actor, Nazli George), an esteemed long-time activist who is said to have access to the president. Erin and Fiona have recently reconciled after many years of barely there civility.
A visitor from Erin's childhood will threaten to destroy this respected family's reputation by exposing an explosive secret that will threaten both women's careers and reputations.      

Refilwe Madumo - Celeb South Africa

Refilwe Madumo plays dutiful yet feisty pastor's wife Palesa

Our HIV+ company receptionist recently discovered her pastor husband, Lefa, has a love child. Palesa endured a miscarriage after the couple's first attempt to have their own baby via Artificial Insemination. Now she's been hit with the news that the considerable amount of money set aside for a second try will be used to pay damages claimed by the family for alleged past negligence of Lefa's illegitimate son, Gosiame (guest actor Thabo Mlangeni).
Twelve-year-old Gosiame will come to stay. He will cause strife. Palesa will make one of the biggest decisions of her life.

Sello Maake kaNcube - South African Celeb

Sello Maake kaNcube plays David Nyathi

a manipulative and scheming jailbird and former CEO of NZH      
The former CEO of major South African publishing company, NZH, is currently in jail waiting to stand trial for the murder of his first wife, wealthy businesswoman and socialite, Leticia. He's pleading not guilty. Ha! Aside from fearing for his life on a daily basis - he's already had his feet set alight by inmates - this disliked dictator of print (and of all those who were in his employ) is still playing Corporate God. Son Mangi has been commanded to spy/report back on all office operations so dad Daniel can devise and develop devious plans for his future ... outside.
Our magazine magnate hasn't factored in the basic laws of Karma. Financial ruin and poor health are on the cards.

Lungile Radu - South African Celeb

Lungile Radu plays Sibusiso 'S'bu' Vilakazi      

He launched Hustle Records after David Genaro wooed his step mom Lu into letting him take over Redemption while S'bu's dad, Miles, lay in critical care. On recovery, Miles joined his son as co-partner in making their new company a major player in the industry. Producer S'bu feels neglected, if not actually abandoned, by his dad's reconnection with Lu and all that attention bestowed on the second son, S'bu's new baby bro. S'bu will be betrayed by his dad and played by his dad's current lover,Naomi. He will challenge his father. He will lose and leave.

Peter Se-Puma - South African celeb

Peter Se-Puma plays music mogul Miles Vilakazi    

Life is great right now for the co-owner of Hustle Records: his ex-wife, Lulu (Lucilla to us), has revealed he's the father of her new-born child - the couple might be divorced but the chemistry is there whenever they're together and that's a lot - and she's asked him to care-take Redemption on her behalf. This was originally his company before David Genaro placed him in a car crash coma, swiped his estranged wife, and stole the family business. Miles has magnificent plans. The Vilakazi empire will arise once more. The new Vilakazi empire will implode very soon. 

South African Celeb - KB Motsilanyane

KB Motsilanyane plays singer, business woman and loving mom Lucilla

South Africa's popular gospel star is eternally grateful for having been widowed on her wedding day. David abducted her, kept her hostage, forced her to agree to the marriage on threat of injury to her family. Close to giving birth, she feared for the life of her unborn child whom David - her former lover from whom she'd run after finally facing up to the fact that he was a very bad man - fantasised was his - an heir to his ill-gotten media empire.
New mom Lu has received Redemption. However, her immediate future is as hellish as a story script will allow.

Pam Andrews - South African Celeb

Pam Andrews plays sexy Gail October

A co-founder and shareholder of Hustle, our brave-brazen warrior office manager - and she's sexy, too - triggers the collapse of the new Vilakazi empire. Disgusted by recent deceits and indecent behaviour, she will tear lives apart via her tell-all intervention with the Vilakazi men. Gail, who still holds a blazing torch for ex lover, S'bu (although she'll deny it and klap you if you dare ask), will depart for a new job.        

Setlhabi Taunyane - South African Celeb

Setlhabi Taunyane plays the old school Kop Khuse

Good Christian Kop (although he does like a drop) is the driver for Hustle Records. He is also a small shareholder in the company. He will soon be at his wits' end when he single-handedly tries to keep the company afloat through S'bu's absence and Naomi's terrible tantrums/marvellous to behold madness. He will survive a vicious scissor attack, only to be fired. Kop will also do his best to hold onto his house that landlord Fats seems destined to lose to the bank, all due to his latest moneymaking scheme.

Connie Chiume - South African Celeb

Connie Chiume plays community builder Mamokete Khuse    

Kop's God-fearing wife cleans the KO Sports Palace and runs a Spaza (shop in home). Despite her strong faith, there's a hole in her heart: she misses her town planner son Stone (Zenzo Ngqobe) whom she initially shunned when she found out he was gay. She still believes she was the one who drove him to move to the Cape, even though his childhood friends rejected him after his coming out. There was that, plus his recovery from donating a kidney to his - initially a stranger - biological dad. Jacob was Kop's brother and her first true love - yet another family secret kept for years. Then Stone's deadbeat dad hit the road again straight after the op, thanks very much. Now somebody else will live in Stone's former room, out back, causing so much trouble it will again make Mama Kete the focal point of nosy, nasty gossip.


Nokuthula Ledwaba - South African Celeb

Nokuthula Ledwaba plays pretty songbird-turned-med student Tshidi

Our former pop princess has discarded the bright lights of stardom (and her drug addict past) to settle down and become a medical student. It's all dutiful studying and staying at home for Tshidi as she constantly tries to reassure her parents, that that was then and this is now, and they no longer have to worry

Mduduzi Mabaso plays the streetwise Suffocate

The tough and surly owner of Soweto's famous Kilowatt Club (a disused power station), he's an ex-con done good. He doesn't bear fools gladly and holds his own in the boxing ring or in a knife fight with Tsotsis (thugs). He hasn't had much luck with women though.
Suffocate hosts an annual Christmas party for orphans in his hood and has informally adopted a former street kid who now attends a plush private boarding school. He'll lend money to mates in dire straits. But above all, he's a businessman.
Big Tip: be nice to his unofficial bouncers, Toolkit and Speshil.

Mpho Molepo plays Fats - Rythym city - South African Celeb

Mpho Molepo plays the cheerful Fats

He owns Soweto's KO Sports Palace (a run down gym that Nelson Mandela is supposed to have frequented back in the day) and is the landlord of the house in which the Khuse family lives. He is also the self-declared unofficial business partner of Suffocate. At 30, big and blundering Fats - who still lives at home with his mom - has previously bungled a series of personal business ventures all meant to make him stinking rich.


Jamie Bartlett - Rythm city - South African Celeb

Jamie Bartlett played David Genaro

head of renown Redemption Records, is dead. He was mortally wounded in March after being shot three times, point blank, during his wedding celebrations. His killer: sex worker, Gina...just one of the many, many people on this psychopath's long list of victims whom he either murdered, physically tormented or emotionally humiliated and destroyed...for sheer, inhuman pleasure. The world is now a better, certainly safer, place.        

Derrich Gardner

Derek is most famous for his time on air at RSG (Radio Sonder Grense)
Derek is also seen on Kyknet - the Afrikaans TV show

Around Iceland on Inspiration

Law student and younger brother to well known South African rugby player Bob Skinstad, Dan suffers from Cerebral Palsy. HIs decision to join Riaan’s expedition to Iceland was part of a personal mission to test his mental and physical limits, and become an inspiration to people afflicted by physical limitations, or those with a poor self-image. In addition to Dan’s goal to take on the Iceland journey as part of a personal mission was his desire to tell 
a story that could reach, and positively impact, countless others.

DAN SKINSTAD partners with 

RIAAN MANSER - Celeb South Africa

RIAAN MANSER - Celeb South Africa


Around Iceland on Inspiration

Riaan Manser is a well-known personality, both in South Africa, and internationally. He was the first person to cycle around the entire perimeter of Africa, and he then went on to circumnavigate the entire island of Madagascar by Kayak. These incredible feats of determination won him the title of Adventurer of The Year in 2006 and 2009. They also won him an immense amount of public admiration and support, and he has become a widely recognized role model and an icon of courage and triumph. As a result, his books - Around Africa On My Bicycle and Around Madagascar on My Kayak became instant bestsellers.

Riaan teams up with DAN SKINSTAD in the show - 

Top Billing presenter Lorna Maseko
Lorna Maseko

South African Celeb : Lorna Maseko
Dynamic, vivacious and business savvy are just some of the words to describe Lorna Maseko, not to mention petite and delicate as a top South African ballet dancer and the first professional ballet dancer of colour in South Africa, making dance history and attesting to the fact that anything is possible... if you believe.

Not only is she an established choreographer and dancer, but she is also one of the most up-and-coming MCs South Africa has to offer, hosting events such as the Annual Vukani Fashion Awards, The Massed Choir Festival as well as giving motivational talks to under-privileged girls. This is part of her heartbeat, to give back to those who are less fortunate than herself.

In 2007 she was chosen as November Woman In Action by True Love Magazine and was selected as the final top 12 for the Top Billing presenter search competition. She was also nominated as the Cosmopolitan Awesome Woman in December 2007, but she wasn’t going to stop there. In 2009 she launched her fragrance Pirouette by LornaM, this is the mark that symbolises the change Maseko has bought into the South African ballet industry. A symbol that will live beyond her years!

Lorna has worked as a presenter and producer of an entertainment programme called Afro Showbiz News as well as co-hosted and produced a live current affairs, magazine breakfast show, The Weekender on SABC News International (previously known as SABC Africa) – yet again adding another element to this darling bud of Africa.

But her most recent achievement - and, we think, one of her greatest! - is becoming a Top Billing presenter where she impresses audiences no end and has added an air of grace to the screen.

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Top Billing Presenter Aidan Bennetts

Aidan Bennetts

South African Celeb : Aidan Bennetts
Aidan attained his Bachelors' degree in Fine Art at the University in Cape Town in 2004. His work clearly exhibits an intuitive understanding of the three-dimensional form. Branching out from sculpture towards interior and product design was one that came naturally. Fine-art principles are effortlessly translated into the commissioned interiors and products he both conceptualizes and creates.

His work encompasses a variety of mediums, including traditional and contemporary. Fond of mingling the natural with the synthetic, Aidan develops signature creations by maintaining a dynamic use of resources.
Aidan's problem-solving talents were recognized as he was selected from a list of candidates to make up the team of three as one of Top Billing's DIY handymen alongside the charismatic ensemble of Jeannie D and Janez.
Realising the potential of the new ‘feather in his cap’ and inundated with requests from viewers regarding their own homes he opened his own studio.

Aidan has established a brand that is synonymous with quality and that produces continuously innovative design all the while presenting for Top Billing.


Top Billing presenter Dhiveja Sundrum
Dhiveja Sundrum

South African Celeb - Dhiveja Sundrum
The gorgeous Dr. Dhiveja Sundrum is no stranger to attention.  Her charismatic character and strong leadership qualities found her much-liked and respected as Head Girl of Crawford College Durban in 2000. She accompanied this year of responsibility with six distinctions, which gave her comfortable entry into medicine at the University of Cape Town. It was not long before her capable and fun-loving demeanor saw Dhiveja elected as Fuller residence Social Liaison planning and executing the major events of the year in flamboyant fashion.  In 2004 with elegance and grace she took the title of Miss Cape Peninsula and became a spokesperson for the reputable Reach for a Dream Foundation also equally at ease MCing for various other functions.

Dhiveja was crowned 1st princess at Miss South Africa 2004 and was requested to represent South Africa at the illustrious Miss World pageant in 2005 where she did not disappoint, coming in the top 15 of the World and top 2 of the African Continent. These achievements along with her rich and vibrant personality provided Dhiveja with an excellent platform for presenting. She enjoyed the homely culture of Lifestyle show Eastern Mosaic, working with them for nearly two years before moving to Johannesburg and landing in the employ of esteemed lifestyle and magazine show Top Billing.  Aside from her onscreen activities, she has become a spokesperson for Feed Our Nation, a Starfish Greathearts Foundation initiative. She has worked for Kaelo Brand and Cause Communications, a public relations company focusing specifically on corporate social responsibility and is now currently a senior public relations consultant at Kraft Foods/Cadbury South Africa.

She has always had a passion for cooking and launched Dveja Home Cooking in 2009  ( “It’s basically a cooking party – a fun, relaxed, social way to learn about Indian food. I come to your house with all the ingredients, take over your kitchen and get everyone involved in the preparation of the meal. Once the food is ready, we sit down and enjoy our efforts, and maybe I convince a few people to attempt eating with their fingers! I always leave the host’s house loving the fact that I spent the evening with great people and that we all enjoyed delicious Indian food together.” In her back pocket, she also has an International Chef Certificate from Capsicum Culinary Studio.


Top Billing Presenter Simba Mhere

Simba Mhere

South african celeb - Simba Mhere

This striking young man whose height and strong stature is instantly noticeable turns heads as he walks into any room, and his deep and smooth voice melts the hearts of most women who have the good fortune of hearing him speak. Originally from Zimbabwe, Simba moved to Johannesburg when he was one year old. “I’m from a very humble background - my parents are missionaries and never had much, but they did everything they could for me. My mom started off as a secretary while my dad was on going on crusades.”  Simba attended Randpark High School and then went on to study B.Comm accounting at the University of Johannesburg.
Simba, the youngest and newest member of the Top Billing family, captured the hearts of South Africa when he won the Top Billing Presenter search in 2010 and  his adventure to new countries has been watched with joy by everyone in South Africa.


Top Billing presenter Ursula
Ursula Chikane

South African Celeb : Ursula Chikane

Ursula lights up screens every Thursday on Top Billing... but before and inbetween her Top Billing days she has had a fabulous career in numerous media fields. Through 5fm as ‘Brown Sugar' (where she hosted the top-rated ‘world-chart show') and as the MTN Gladiator presenter, she has become well-known among younger generations of South Africans and loved by all generations, while her corporate event hosting and charming smile has reached older South Africans across the country.

Born in Johannesburg, Ursula studied Public Relations at Wits Technikon which stood her in good stead for the line of work she was later to head towards. Her first job was as a sports presenter for TopSport on SABC, covering events such as the Wimbledon championship in London. From there her career sky-rocketed and her fame hasn’t stopped since. Her charming personality shines through on the screen adding infinite value to our show and her professionalism makes her a pleasure to work with.

Top Billing seems the perfect job for her: “My love of travel has me packed and ready to trot the globe at a moment’s notice. I’ve seen just about every major city on offer and filled seven passports with thrilling memories. How’s that for an abundant blessing!”


Michael Mol - South Africa (Top Billing)

Top Billing Presenter Michael Mol

Michael Mol
Dr Michael Mol is a qualified medical doctor with vested interests in HIV management, emergency medicine (registered advanced trauma, cardiac and paediatric life-support physician) and integrative medicine – blending science with the art of healing.

Eight years ago he carried his charisma from the casualty room over to the small screen and ever since has co-anchored Top Billing, South Africa’s longest running prime-time magazine program. He has spoken to the stars, travelled the world and shared his experiences in a personal and endearing way with a captive audience, as evidenced by numerous critically acclaimed media awards. A former Mr South Africa, he is also a Red Cross Children’s Champion.

Micheal is a writer and speaker with an incurable ailment… an insatiable thirst for adrenalin! He has skydived out of a hot-air balloon, seen the running of the bulls in Pamplona and scuba dived under a frozen lake. From wing walking on a bi-plane to surfing the great Zambezi white waters on a bodyboard and bungee jumping off the highest bridge in the world backwards… there’s nothing that he would shrink back from – yet!


Janez Vermeiren - Top billing South Africa

Top Billing presenter Janez

Janez Vermeiren
Janez was born in Cape Town in 1978 and grew up in a very liberal and open-minded family. School years were spent at Camps Bay School and, after matriculating, Janez spent a year backpacking through Europe. As his family is of Belgian origin, he decided to study in Belgium and spent four years there. A year studying archaeology made him realize he wanted to  follow a more creative path in life, so he pursued further studies in interior design, graduating in 2000. On his return to South Africa at the end of 2000 he was offered a modeling job and, with little money to his name, he decided to give it a go.

The first job he was booked for was a worldwide Fanta ad and since then he has shot over 100 local and international brands, as well as having worked for hundreds of international catalogue and advertising clients. In 2001 Janez won Cape Town's beach competition Mr/Mrs Clifton and in 2003 he entered and won the Men's Health Look of the year award. As Storm's top male model for five consecutive seasons, he was well prepared to move on to start his own model agency Full Circle Model Management which he did in 2007. The money made from modeling he has invested in buying, renovating and selling properties.

Having a father who is a famous South African artist has exposed him to the world of art and design, which has greatly influenced him in his life. His parents took him along on their regular travels to Europe and the East when he was younger, fuelling Janez’s passion for travelling to the ‘far end of the earth and meeting new people from different cultures’.

Janez is in his element around all types of people and divides his time between family and friends who mean everything to him. He keeps active by running, playing tennis and going to the beach, where you can catch him showing off his beach bat skills. He says he enjoys working and playing hard in equal measure.

He describes his ideal woman as ‘a cross between Penelope Cruz, Adriana Lima, Giselle B√ľndchen and Cindy Crawford... but definitely not Kate Moss! On a serious note, I really like a down-to-earth, wholesome girl with a good sense of humour who does not take herself too seriously and can handle my competitive streak’.


Top Billing Presenter Jo-Ann Strauss

Jo-Ann Strauss

Jo-Ann Strauss famous from Top billing in South africa

Beauty, brains, charm and a bit of dynamite: that's Jo-Ann Strauss. Born and raised in Cape Town, this Stellenbosch University graduate holds a B.Comm Law degree – and that’s on top of her glamorous globe-trotting accomplishments, which include representing South Africa at the Miss World Pageant in Puerto Rico and modeling alongside supermodels Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Elle McPherson and Helena Christensen in Barcelona. But that was just the start of the meteoric career of South Africa’s darling Jo-Ann Strauss.

As one of the four top presenters on Top Billing, Jo-Ann has been the guest of Miramax at the Sundance Film Festival and has interviewed – among others - Charlize Theron, Antonio Banderas, George Clooney and Bono the lead singer of U2.

Jo-Ann has graced the cover of most of South Africa’s top magazines, won the Duku Duku Award for most stylish female presenter and has received numerous nominations and awards for best presenter.

What a lot of people don’t know is that Jo-Ann is an astute businesswoman. She’s a Director in a venture capital company called Partnership Investments alongside Dr Brigalia Bam of the IEC and was recently appointed as a Director on the Western Cape Board of Ubuntu-Botho, a division of Sanlam.

Jo-Ann is equally at home as a speaker or MC for prestigious corporate occasions, charities and fashion events.

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Jeannie D from Top billing

Top Billing Presenter Jeannie D
Jeannie D

Jeannie D - Famous from the TV show top billing : This is what Top billing has to say about her...

The famous Arabian tale goes something like this… Aladdin rubbed the lamp three times and out popped a ‘Genie’ and granted him three wishes. In today’s story, Cape Town’s very own Jeannie D is granting her own wishes and certainly making them come true. The stars are the limit for this girl…

Born and bred in Johannesburg, Jeannie knew from a young age that performing was her forte; as soon as she turned 12 she auditioned at The National School of the Arts (drama) and honed in on her acting and vocal skills. She accomplished and successfully managed to secure a number of lead roles in several theatre productions and a variety of commercials – such as inflight videos and as a poster girl for SAA. At 18 she enrolled at RAU where she studied a BA in Communications, joined the campus radio station RAU Radio, and managed to win the Miss RAU competition in 2002, all in a short period of time.

Looking for a new challenge, Jeannie packed her bags and relocated to the Mother City. With acting and radio experience under her belt, she happened to be in the right place at the right time when Good Hope FM was looking for new talent. Jeannie started off on the graveyard shift on a weekend slot as well as working as a daytime news reader – and within two months she was given one of the top shows in radio, which was fittingly called The Jeannie D Show.

She has fulfilled her dream by working in two of her favourite mediums. She left radio in September 2006 to pursue her television career full-time - and she hasn’t looked back since.

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